VA - Philly Sound Get Down: Funky Philly Instrumentals (2005)

Hey up dudes,
Hard times to manage things here again.. better not start my boring talks.
I thought some of you would be willing to check this if you have already got in touch with Dimitri from Paris' new release, Get Down with the Philly Sound on BBE
Another hot, really hot, compilation for your summertime funky nights! Heavy mind-blowing funk instrumentals!
Needless to say, just go listen and shop the stuff!

I can't figure out on what one could be high on to make such bullshit sleeve art but if we only look to the packs maybe we'd loss a lot of goodies in life, ah? So give yourself a chance: close your eyes and feel the music! Regrets might be quite impropable.


01.- Fabulous Emotions - Funky Chicken
02.- Philly Four - Elephant (part 2)
03.- UFO's - Too Hot To Hold
04.- Freedom Now Brothers - Sissy Walk
05.- Freedom Now Brothers - It's Our Thing
06.- Willis Wooten Ork - Do The Train
07.- Bob Marshall & AC's - Funky Fox
08.- RDM Band - Butter That Popcorn (Virtue Acetate)
09.- Big AI T Ork - Twenty Five Miles
10.- Herman Pierce Inc - Cool It (Virtue Acetate)
11.- Panic Buttons - Hitch It To The Mule
12.- Panic Buttons - Lovin Horns
13.- Panic Buttons - Come Out Smokin
14.- Panic Buttons - O Wow
15.- Interpretations - Snap Out
16.- Interpretations - Blow Your Mind
17.- Brass Rail - Penguin (part 2)
18.- Assassins - Rope (Your Turn)
19.- Soul Rockers - Soul For Sale
20.- Radars - Philly Soul Strut (with Sonny Fulton)
21.- Norma & The Heartaches - Hot Pants Dance
22.- Norma & The Heartaches - Nice & Slow (part 2)
23.- Psychodelic Frankie - Donna24.- Interpretations - Lineman
25.- Bonus Funky Philly Beats

DL 320


I hope to be here again in a shorter time span.
Enjoy it!
See you, folks!


RJD2 - Deadringer (2002)

I was reading an interesting post on The Drowning Machine about the "neverending sampling chain":

(To make it easier, below follows the extract. Credits for "Purge+audit")

Sometimes the sampling daisy-chain seems neverending...So, the wonderful CRACKED today informed me that (among other groups), Led Zeppelin famously plagiarised many of their songs... Including Stairway to freaking Heaven.(In case for some insane reason you've never heard it): Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven (1971)

This is in part due to their trick of not putting any song-writing credit on their record sleeves. Its unfortunate that most self-proclaimed 70s prog-rock fans today dont bother to look up anyone OTHER than Led or Pink, or realise there was a whole ocean of similar stuff at the time.

But it does give me a chance now to show you SPIRIT, from whose track Taurus, Zeppelin stole the intro to Stairway. Spirit were a top underground group in the late 60s early 70s. To be honest I don't know a lot about their career, though I'm curious to follow them now. Taurus is lifted off their first album, Spirit, 1968. (LINK here)

Spirit - Taurus (1968)

The same track was sampled by RJD2 on his seminal hit 2002 DefJux album Deadringer, which I have no doubt EVERY beathead has heard at least one (that is if you don't own it as well, which I'm convinced most of you do).

RJD2 - Proxy (2002) (listen about the 2:30 mark)

And to follow the sample chain, the sample you're hearing throughout the song should be familiar as Steve Reich's exquisite Electric Counterpoint 1. Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint 1 (here performed by Gaku Yamada)

As far as I can tell, RJD2 specifically sampled the Pat Metheny performance of the same piece, which isn't availble on youtube to show you, but is absolutely worth getting in its own right.

Here's part 3 of the same suite.

Now, this may be familiar to you OLD beatheads... 1990 old. Orb is one of few early 90s ambient dance groups which has actually aged pretty well.

Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (1990)

Okay, I'm exhausted, so thats all for now."
After reading the post up, I thought it was time to expose RJD2 here. Particularly lets show RDJ2`s album debut known as Deadringer.

The kind of work I highly recommend for everyone! Another pack of high-end beats from 2002 too. Goggle it!

01. The Horror
02. Salud
03. Smoke and Mirrors
04. Good Times Roll Pt.2
05. Final Frontier
06. Ghostwriter
07. Cut out to FL
08. F.H.H.
09. Shot in the Dark
10. Chicken-Bone Circuit
11. The Proxy
12. 2 More Dead
13. Take the Picture Off
14. Silver Fox
15. June
16. Work

DL 320


I hope you like it!

See you!

Katalyst - Manipulating Agent (2002)

Hi folks,

Believe it or not, I'm terribly missing this place as much as many of you might be bored when you notice the lack of update. So let's stop the stalling and go right to point!

"Katalyst (Ashley Anderson) initially recorded under the name Moonrock with fellow producer Illpickl. After 2001, As Katalyst, he formed experimental record label, Invada Records together with Portishead's Geoff Barrow, for which 2002's Manipulating Agent was the label's first release.

His later (and probably wider known release) "Whats Happening" explores a wider and more mainstream style, wheras this record is a moody DJ Shadow influenced downtempo/instrumental hiphop sound, with a keen sense for digging."

It's kind of funky/groovy hiphop beats with undeniable touch of Portishead`s flavor. Somebody described it like that: "add 2 parts Portishead with 1 part DJ Shadow. Shake and serve".


01. Introductions
02. Race Against Time
03. Out of This World
04. Showtime
05. Whose Reality?
06. Break Up
07. Cycle
08. Combustible [Special DeLivery Remix]
09. Fusion
10. LB on the Cut
11. Time Bomb
12. Passing of Peace
13. Uprocking
14. Compound Interest
15. Mad Scientist

DL 320


See you!


VA - Super Breaks: Essential Funk, Soul, & Jazz Samples and Breakbeats Vol.1, 2 & 3 (1999 - 2002)

Here it comes! Another tasteful compilation series of highly selected funk music!

Whether you are on the famous samples hunt or you`re another funk collector, these comps will fit just fine. Way more concise than other series on the same issue (like Dusty Fingers, Strictly Breaks, Ultimate Breaks and Beats and so on..), Super Breaks comprise only 3 volumes intead of 10 volumes or more.

I won`t write anything more about it, just check the tracklist and you will find everything you got to know to understand that you will need these!

VA - Super Breaks: Essential Funk, Soul, & Jazz Samples and Breakbeats Vol.1 (1999)



  1. Intro - The Soul Children
  2. Ike's Mood - Isaac Hayes
  3. Light My Fire - Jackie Wilson
  4. Different Strokes - Syl Johnson
  5. Thinking Single - The Counts
  6. Blind Alley - The Emotions
  7. Take Yo' Praise - Camille Yarbrough
  8. What A Man - Linda Lyndell
  9. Tramp - Lowell Fulson
  10. Smokey Joe's La La - Googie Rene
  11. E.V.A. - Jean-Jacques Perrey
  12. Rock Creek Park - The Blackbyrds
  13. Got To Learn How To Dance - The Fatback Band
  14. Bouncy Lady - Pleasure
  15. Drowning In The Sea of Love - Joe Simon
  16. Walk Tall - Cannonball Adderley
  17. Burning Spear - S.O.U.L.
  18. Tramp (Instrumental) - Otis And Carla Band
  19. Chick A Boom - Pazant Brothers
  20. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms) - The Detroit Emeralds

DL 320


VA - Super Breaks: Essential Funk, Soul, & Jazz Samples and Breakbeats Vol.2 (2001)



  1. Dance To The Drummer's Beat - Herman Kelly
  2. Cramp Your Style - All The People feat. Robert Moore
  3. Hard Times - Baby Huey
  4. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalmistic - Isaac Hayes
  5. Be Thankful For What You've Got - William De Vaughan
  6. You're Gettin' A Little Too Smart - The Detroit Emeralds
  7. Unhooked Generation - Freda Payne
  8. Heaven And Hell Is On Earth - 20th Century Steel Band
  9. Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth - The 24-Carat Black
  10. Our Generation - Ernie Hines
  11. The Breakdown (Part 2) - Rufus Thomas
  12. Papa Was, Too - Joe Tex
  13. Just A Groove In G - Wilbur Bascomb & The Zodiac
  14. Kool Is Back - Funk, Inc.
  15. Joyous - Pleasure
  16. Put Your Love (In My Tender Care) - The Fatback Band
  17. I Like It - The Emotions
  18. Funk It Up - Caesar Frazier

DL 320


VA - Super Breaks: Essential Funk, Soul, & Jazz Samples and Breakbeats Vol.3 (2002)



  1. I Walk On Guilded Splinters - Johnny Jenkins
  2. T Plays It Cool - Marvin Gaye
  3. Web - Hampton Hawes
  4. Soul Pad - The Coasters
  5. Nappy Dugout - Funkadelic
  6. Trip To Your Heart - Sly & The Family Stone
  7. The Rose - Fifty Foot Horse
  8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Jimmy Ponder
  9. Get Out My Life Woman - The Mad Lads
  10. Music Man (Pts. 1 & 2) - Pleasure Web
  11. No Strings Attached - The Mad Lads
  12. After Laughter Comes Tears - Wendy Rene
  13. Rivers Invitation - Freddie Robinson
  14. This House Is Smoking - B.T. Express
  15. Holy Ghost - The Bar Kays
  16. The Masquerade Is Over - David Porter

DL 320


I hope you guys enjoy it!

See you!



Hey up, guys!

I'm not coming here much often and to be sure I`m not in front of computer that much too. But good news come..

I've got some "new" stuff, clearly secondhands as you can see.

It's not the best goodies one could wish but it`s the best my surface-diggings could find and the best my pockets can afford by now and, in a broder sense, these are good clue for the few hour I've got to enjoy'em..

So give this blog a change and keep coming! maybe you find some old-new thing in the next time!

I might have some uncomplete post to be published for you to enjoy while I can`t get the time the task takes.

Sorry about the crappy picture and..
..See you!


Picks of the weekend..

I know many people out there still didn't realized what is going on.. I know there are many questions that need to be ascertained and many gaps that need to be filled to establish “market stead-state”. History tells us that many said it loud that radio would kill musicians, that movies would destroy theater arts, that digital music would put an end on CD which was once supposed to exterminate vinyl. Have any of these things really happened?

Ok, now let’s check the news! These are the gems picked this Saturday:

At first, BIRD NAM NAM’s self titled debut!

DSC03887 DSC03888 DSC03889 DSC03890 DSC03891 DSC03892 DSC03893 DSC03894

If you’ve been following this blog or checked the old posts, you might know this album. One question for the PhDs standing: Would I ever have bought it if I didn’t know it??

On the other hand, If that girl who was taking care of that “store” during lunchtime knew it too, she wouldn’t have dealt it for about only 5 dollars. Anyway, that’s what ones would call market opportunity or bargaining..

Only 5 dollars… For another amount like that I could also get a good compilation from Smashing Pumpkins. It’s called “Zero” and it seems to be a kind of bootleg but I will check that further. Some greatest SP tracks inside: “1979”, “Disarm”, “Tonight, tonight”, “Bullet with butterfly wings” amongst some others. Take a look!

DSC03895 DSC03897 DSC03898 DSC03899 DSC03901

While blind by the faith that internet will crash the music, some people can’t look to the fact that we need to think the whole thing in a different manner in which the market is REALLY fair. Primarily, it needs to be fair for the costumers who need to know what they are throwing in their shop-bags and who have to pay an affordable price.

On the other side, it needs to be fair for the artists who create music and must be rewarded by their value (sales, shows, donations and merchandise). However, the major questions seems to be involved with those between the artists and costumers who want to win from both sides.

Remember, artists and costumers will always exist.

See you, good-guys!