Afrique - Soul Makossa (1973)

Born from Cameroon-born and Paris-based jazz saxophonist Manu DiBango`s "Soul Makossa" track and with the participation of heavy studio musicians that could keep the grooves on, this 1973`s album is one of the killer instrumental funk ever!

The 13 artists involved include the baterist Paul Humphrey (also played with Marvin Gaye, John Coltrane and others), the guitarist David T Walker (played with Aretha Franklin and Pharoah Sanders), the organist Charles Kynard (some pleople say he could have rivalled Richard 'Groove' Holmes in speed and accuracy) and 10 others who created not only a hit of the Dibango`s original, but an entire set of groove-driven instrumentals. "Soul Makossa" and "House Of Rising Funk” are certainly true gems that have been sampled all around.

A real dreamy 70`s-afro-jazz-funk mixture! Highly dangerous! Highly recommended too...

1- Soul Makossa
2- Kissing My Love
3- Sleepwalk
4- Let Me Do My Thing
5- Slow Motion
6- Hot Mud
7- House Of Rising Funk
8- Duelling Guitars
9- Hot Doggin’
10- Get It

DL 320

This is worth value!! BUY!

1# Due to a failure to register copyrights the album title track have many differents version around of different groups from that time (I`ve already listened some but I read there are 23 versions or more).

2# Unfortunately, these high-minded musicians got gathered just once and this is their only release. (Do your homage: play it out loud!!)

"Soul Makossa" (poor audio but it`s nice to see the people dancing..)

"House of Rising Funk"

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